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Arsenal coach Unai Emery is looking forward to the duel against Man United

Arsenal coach Unai Emery is looking forward to the duel against Man United

Arsenal coach Unai Emery is looking forward to the duel against Man United

Unai Emery is looking forward to the Arsenal match against Manchester United. According to him the meeting of the two teams was very special not only now but far before.

Arsenal will travel to Old Trafford on Tuesday (10/01/2019) at dawn, with valuable capital. The Gunners won in the last match. Even in the English League Cup, Arsenal won 5-0 over Nottingham Forest. That does not include when toppling Eintracht Frankfurt on the Champions League stage 3-0 and in the Premier League, Aston Villa was toppled with a score of 3-2.

This is clearly different from United. Although they will act as the host, the team made by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is fair without problems. Affairs breaking down the opponent’s goal is still a complicated problem United. At least this was shown in the last two matches.

In league competition, West Ham United managed to humiliate United with two goals without reply. Even when competing in the English League Cup, United had to struggle to get rid of the team from the second caste, Rochdale through the shootout.

Even so, both Arsenal and United are still in the middle of the standings, although Arsenal’s position is better, is ranked eighth. While United perched at number 11.

Of course, Emry wants to make the hot party in this eighth week as momentum. Not only want to extend the record as a team that can subvert United at Old Trafford, if you can bring home three points to London, but Arsenal will also push into the top four.

“This is an extraordinary moment, an extraordinary match between the two teams in the past, present, and future. Every match when I watch in Spain, Arsenal vs. Manchester United, Manchester United vs. Arsenal is a special moment,” Emery said.

“I think Monday at eight (British time), all over the world, if someone wants to watch a football match, this is an interesting spectacle. We really want to play a match where we can do something important. We are preparing well “The players want to play the next game. We know this is a huge opportunity for us to get three points.”

Even so, Emery said the struggle of foster children would not be easy this time. Because, of course, Solskjaer already has more knowledge about the Red Devils.

“Solskjaer has experience. He is a player at Manchester United, he knows the club perfectly. He knows the high competition, high level and he now has very good players. The challenge is also to achieve consistency and performances that will make them into the top four. We will fight on Monday (Tuesday morning) the first time this season and that’s how we can try to respond to them.”

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