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Anthony Lynn: We will do everything required but just “focus on winning.”

Anthony Lynn

Lions’ offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn conveyed this Wednesday through a video conference that he would be choosing a rookie quarterback to sit and watch start his career. Although, he will be sharing something about the offense that the supposed rookie would be perceiving.

However, Anthony Lynn has been the head coach of the Chargers last season. He opened the year with Tyrod Taylor as the team’s opening quarterback too.

Unfortunately, Taylor hurt his ribs in the opening and took a painkilling injection next week but could not come back. However, this forced the first season to start with Justin Herbert. Herbert went on to have a best breaking rookie season. Also, this proposes that he might have been a better choice to start in Week One.

“If he wins the battle in the camp, he has to be the best player,” Anthony Lynn conveyed in a Wednesday video conference. Additionally, he conveyed, “If you do not, you will fight in the locker room… If I can sit with a rookie, I will. If I can.”

Anthony Lynn is an offensive coordinator for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League. He played as a running back in the NFL for six seasons largely with Denver Broncos. Denver signed him as an undrafted free agent in 1993.

Anthony Lynn conveys we just want to focus on winning

Anthony Lynn

Anthony Lynn conveys focusing on winning is important.

Now, as long as neither side of the trade with the Rams back out in the upcoming weeks, that supposed rookie will be observing Jared Goff kick off the 2021 season. Besides, Anthony Lynn spoke a little about what the offense will appear like on Wednesday.

Although, Lynn conveyed that he is seen as a “ground-and-pound-guy.” Also, that he has run offenses heavy on the ground game in the past. Therefore, his offensive approach is required to do whatever is needed “to win damn games.

Lynn conveys through Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, “If we throw if we have to throw it 50 times, we will. If we got to run it 50 times, we will. But we want to just focus on winning.”

Therefore, the Lions bring back four opening offensive linemen and they have high faiths for running back D’Andre Swift. Now, this might twist things towards the early run in 2021. Given the makeup of the Rams offense in Goff’s best days, that might be an add on for the overall unit that Lynn will supervise.


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