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Britt Reid: KC coach Andy Reid’s son involved in the last week’s car crash

Andy Reid son

The auto incident involved the son of Andy Reid, “Britt”. Andy Reid on Sunday says, “my heart bleeds for everyone included” in the auto accident last week.

He is the Kansas City outside line backer’s couch. Moreover, a 5-year-old girl was in critical condition.

As per Kansas City Police, a grey Chevy Impala ran out of gas and stopped on the southbound entrance ramp for I-435 from Stadium Drive near Arrowhead Stadium. Nevertheless, the scenario is about last Thursday night.

Moreover, a Chevy Traverse was parked with its headlights on adjacent to the Impala to assist. Andy Reid son “Britt’s” Ram pickup truck wandering on the entry slope hit the left front of the Impala and then hit the back of the Traverse.

Andy Reid’s son Britt acknowledges the police

“Britt” accepted the collision between his and the other two cars. A 5-year-old was sitting inside the car and he was drunk, the report says. Besides, he did not travel with the rest of the team to Tampa for the Super Bowl.

Andy Reid Son

Britt involved in an accident

Andy Reid’s comment on the occurrence

Andy Reid came in front of the media on Sunday since the occurrence after Super Bowl LV.

My heart bleeds for everyone involved in the accident and especially the 5-year-old child who is right now fighting between death and life,” says Andy Reid. The team lost to the Buccaneers by 31-9. There were no more comments from his side.

Also, he says, “the questions you have, I cannot answer them. Please I have to turn them down. But from a human point of view, my heart aches for everyone included in the accident and especially that little child.

Andy Reid’s son disagreed that the accident affected the team. He says, “From a human standpoint, it is difficult. But from a football point of view, this was not a problem… We had a game plan for a week. This disruption cannot be a reason for the team to lose the game.”

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes Reaction

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes reverberated that sentiment. “The team was ready to go, but the situation was very catastrophic.”

He added, “I don’t want to agree to the fact that it affected us on the field. They won. No explanations. But unquestionably you are imploring for those families.

Besides, the 5-year-old sitting in the back seat of the traverse was taken to a nearby local hospital. As per the Sunday reports, police said, the condition is still critical. KCDP presently is inspecting the cause of the collision and Britt Reid’s participation.











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