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Andrea Dovizioso Embarrassed Marquez Five Times in the MotoGP Event

Andrea Dovizioso Dovizioso Embarrassed Marquez Five Times in the MotoGP Event

Dovizioso humiliated Marquez in the last corner not just this time. Noted, he has done this in five races.


Andrea Dovizioso ended Marc Marquez’s dominance in the MotoGP race after completing a fierce battle until the last lap to get the first podium at the Austrian Grand Prix on Sunday (11/08/2019). This became the fourth successive victory printed by an Italian manufacturer racer at the Red Bull Ring Circuit.

This victory also underlines his name in the history of Marquez’s career that Dovizioao became one of the racers who truly deserved to be a contender for the MotoGP world title. Without the hard work of the Italian racer, the title race in the elite class is no longer boring.


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Understandably, in the last 12 races that have traveled the MotoGP circus, lovers of racing in the 1000cc class is no longer bored watching Marquez’s dominance. But thanks to Dovizioso all of that judgment collapsed in an instant.

In the past three years, Dovizioso has no bite to fight for the MotoGP title, but he has a lot of intelligence to beat the Spaniard in five of the seven ‘close range’ they have gone through. Sin Dovizioso humiliated Marquez at the last corner in five races, namely Austria (2017-2019), Japan (2017) and Qatar (2018-2019).

His calm and maneuvering style when turning became the main weapon for the Ducati team racer. Nevertheless, Dovizioso still does not guarantee whether he will become a MotoGP world champion this year considering there are still seven races left this season.

“If I can still win the MotoGP? I don’t know, I don’t think, Marc is second in the circuit where he suffered the most,” explained Dovi, after the race.


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