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Amir Khan vs Kell Brook? Hearn: He Is Hungry Wants to KO Mr. Khan

Amir Khan vs Kell Brook? Hearn: He Is Hungry Wants to KO Mr. Khan

Amir Khan vs Kell Brook? Hearn: He Is Hungry Wants to KO Mr. Khan


Boxing promoter Eddi Hearn is still curious about meeting Kell Brook with Amir Khan in a delayed battle. The two British boxers failed to fight in the ring because Khan deliberately avoided Brook.

The scenario of bringing together Kell Brook vs Amir Khan was designed by Hearn to meet the expectations of boxing fans. He also considered Brook is still ambitious to beat Khan. “He is still hungry and still wants to KO Mr. Khan,” Hearn told Sky Sports.


Last April 20, Khan preferred to fight Terence Crawford in the race for the WBO Welter Class championship belt. As a result, Khan humiliated Crawford with a TKO defeat at Madison Square Garden, New York, United States.

After the defeat, Khan even took the ring again against Billy Dib in the race for the WBC Intercontinental Welter Class championship belt in Saudi Arabia on July 12. Once again, Khan avoided the duel with Brook. This avoidance made Brook hold a grudge against Khan.

Brok’s revenge is what Hearn wants to channel by bringing him to meet Khan. ” I still want to realize the fight (Kell Brook vs Amir Khan). I give one more chance, ” he said.


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Hearn also has the right time to stage the two British boxing heroes. He will also contact the two to discuss the delayed battle. “I will tell them,” friends, spring 2020, let’s do it, “Hearn said.” Hopefully, we can get through it, “he said.

If Khan has fought twice this year, Brook has a different fate. He hasn’t been in the ring since winning an absolute number from Michael Zerafa on December 8. “He wants to fight in December,” said Hearn about Brook returning to training at Sheffield.

Hearn can understand Brook’s insistence on fighting Khan. As a former IBF Welter Class world champion, Brook needed a fight with big-name boxers. “He wants a big fight,” he said.

Long-time no fight makes Brook rumored to be retiring. However, the news was denied, Brook. He is now back training to face the possibility of fighting boxers with big names like Khan.

Khan himself still avoided Brook. Earlier this season, he insisted that the fight against Brook was still far from expectations. Although he admitted that the fight against Brook would be a highly anticipated duel for the British public.


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