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Amid Mets’ offseason buying spree, Jonathan Villar signs a one-year contract

New York Mets have signed infielder Jonathan Villar on a 3.55 Million. This will be a one-year deal. Mets have had a busy offseason, as they have tried to sign many players who were up for grabs. After missing out on Trevor Bauer, they started pursuing Villar who can play a variety of roles all across the field.

Jonathan Villar has had a nine-year MLB career in which he has played at many positions. He can play as a shortstop, second base, and third base. However, his preferred position is an infielder.

Jonathan Villar at Mets

The 29-year-old Dominican played for the Miami Marlins and the Toronto Blue Jays last season. Over the course of nine seasons, he has a healthy batting average of.232, which is good news for the Mets.

Villar’s speed will also play a huge role in improving the performance of the Mets. Over the course of the last five years, Villar is second on the list of stealing bases. Subsequently, averaging over 40 stolen bases in a season.

With 62 stolen bases, he was the league leader in the number of stolen bases in an entire season. Such quality of him will gain more prominence when he plays for the Mets.

Jonathan Villar

Villar signed for the Mets in a one year deal

Jonathan Villar will mostly come off the bench, provided all the other players on the roster do not have any injuries or niggles. However, he is an impact player and can turn the game on its head. In the current situation, he can expect on starting in two or three games per week.

Despite all this, he is a good switch-hitting backup option for both Jeff McNeil at second base and JD Davis at third. Moreover, McNeil and Davis lack defensive duties, which is another aspect where Villar can demonstrate his expertise.

Jonathan Villar hit a career high 24 home runs

Villar had his best season in 2019 with the Baltimore Orioles

Villar also hit two home runs last season but had his best season in 2019 when he played for the Baltimore Orioles. With a career-high batting average of.274, he also hits 24 home runs that year.

Jonathan Villar is a player who can do a bit of everything. Having him in their ranks will improve the New York Mets’ performance manifold. The Dominican will also try his level best to prove his worth to his suitors.

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