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All-Star Voting leads with James and Durant in the 2021 NBA season

All-Star Voting

Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James beat Brooklyn Nets’ Kevin Durant in the 2021 NBA All-Star Voting on Thursday.

Also, the record showed James overtaking Durant and becoming the league’s vote-getter with over 4.3 million votes. However, Warriors’ guard Stephen Curry and Durant are the other players with more than four million votes.

However, the NBA and NBPA are close to finalizing an agreement. Besides, as per the agreement, the All-Star Game will be held on March 7 at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. According to the reports, the slam-drunk contest will be held during halftime of the game.

List of top vote-getters after the second round of returns

A list of the top vote-getters in each NBA conference was released on Thursday. Additionally, Michael J Duarte tweets, “Here are the second round of returns for the NBA All-Star Game fan votes.” However, the names are mentioned below:

Western Conference- Frontcourt

  1. LeBron James 4,369,533
  2. Nikola Jokić 3,006,981
  3. Kawhi Leonard  2,462,621
  4. Anthony Davis 2,329,371
  5. Paul George 1,024,233
  6. Zion Williamson 842,439
  7. Andrew Wiggins 552,661
  8. Christian Wood 525,018
  9. Brandon Ingram 433,041
  10. Carmelo Anthony 346,812


  1. Stephen Curry 4,033,050
  2. Luka Dončić 2,484,552
  3. Damian Lillard 2,095,157
  4. Donovan Mitchell 479,241
  5. Ja Morant 437,632
  6. Devin Booker 391,116
  7. Chris Paul 278,128
  8. Klay Thompson 225,169
  9. CJ McCollum 218,160
  10. Alex Caruso 214,997

Eastern Conference – Frontcourt

  1. Kevin Durant 4,234,433
  2. Giannis Antetokounmpo 3,282,478
  3. Joel Embiid 3,022,105
  4. Jayson Tatum 1,680,780
  5. Jimmy Butler 662,691
  6. Bam Adebayo 578,133
  7. Domantas Sabonis
  8. Julius Randle 387,114
  9. Gordon Hayward 352,667
  10. Jerami Gran 282,605


  1. Bradley Beal 2,528,719
  2. Kyrie Irving 2,104,130
  3. James Harden 1,829,504
  4. Jaylen Brown 1,062,888
  5. Zach LaVine 936,309
  6. Trae Young 737,126
  7. Collin Sexton 365,942
  8. Derrick Rose 342,177
  9. Russell Westbrook 339,498
  10. Fred VanVleet 255,161

James reaction to the All-Star Voting

All-Star Voting

James and Durant continue to lead All-Star Voting

Moreover, James conveyed unhappily, “Short offseason for myself and teammates of just 71 days, and then coming into this season, we were told we were not having an All-Star Game.”

Besides, he also conveyed, “So we were looking forward to having a small break of five days through the tenth. However, this is an opportunity for me to revise for the second half of the season. But then they throw an All-Star Game on us like this. This breaks us. It is like a slap in the face.”

Moreover, he conveys, “I have zero energy and excitement about an All-Star Game this year. We are dealing with a pandemic. How can we bring the whole league into one city that is recently open… You guys can see I am not very happy about it, but it is out of my hands.”

Nevertheless, James says he will be there physically but not mentally if he is selected after the All-Star Voting.



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