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After Retiring from MotoGP Marquez Intends to Join the Dakar Rally

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Retirement is one of the conditions that every sports athlete will feel. Likewise, Marc Marquez. The Repsol Honda rider had already planned what he would do when he decided to hang his helmet from MotoGP.

Not being a ruler or racer testing the MotoGP team, Marquez wants to try out his adrenaline by appearing in the Dakar Rally. This desire arose when he witnessed the event which took place in Saudi Arabia.

‘I like Dakar because of the difficulties. As you know, I’m used to difficulties. Different situations can occur and unexpected events arise from nowhere. It’s fun to watch it every year,’ Marquez said.

If the dream is truly realized, Marquez is interested in using a motorbike at the iconic event. But if you use a car, then he will invite his biological brother, Alex Marquez to become the Navigator.

‘If I jump in Dakar, I might do it on a motorcycle because it’s my biggest passion. But if I do it with a rally car, I want to invite Alex as a co-driver. It will be fun to see how we both do it together,’ Marquez explained.

However, it is still too far when discussing the plan. According to him, there are still other things that he wants to finish when he prepares to look at MotoGP 2020.

One of them passed the title of Valentino Rossi. Currently, the racer nicknamed The Baby Alien is only one trophy adrift in the main class.

‘For the time being I focus on MotoGP, but in the future who knows?’ concluded Marquez.

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