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A Debut To Be Remembered – How tables turned for Harry Bourchier within hours at the Melbourne park !

Harry Bourchier

How often do you find a player that was not scheduled to play in the main draw but still went on to claim his first ATP main draw win as a last-minute injury replacement? Such has been the day for Harry Bourchier, who grabbed his maiden ATP win at Melbourne Park today.

Even while being ranked 324th in the ATP Men’s singles rankings, Bourchier was quite clinical in his victory( 6-4,6-4) against a much-experienced compatriot Marc Polmans.

Harry Bourchier filling in as Tomic’s replacement

Bernard tomic injury

Bernard Tomic’s injury

It all started with the knee injury to Bernard Tomic. He was scheduled to face Polmans in the first round of the ATP main draw event. Due to his Knee injury, Bourchier then got the opportunity to fill in as a replacement.

Bourchier was quite nervous during the start. Still, he didn’t take much time before overcoming a stern challenge by Marc Polmans. Following this impeccable victory, the 25-year-old could not stop his emotions out of all the drama surrounding his eventful day at Melbourne’s park.

 “I didn’t get into the tournament obviously. I’m an alternate. I had to come here first thing in the morning and sign in 30 minutes before matches,” Bourchier said.

“I heard whispers that Bernie might have been pulling out. And I knew it was a match-up against Polmans. I’ve played him a lot in my career. I feel like I played pretty well tonight, considering the situation of hanging around the courts all day from 9:30 this morning. My legs were pretty heavy before I came out here’, he further added.

“I’m just happy there were a few people here, not an empty stadium, so thanks for sticking around everyone.” 

However, the defeat comes as a big disappointment for Polmans. He stood at no.125 in World ATP Men’s singles rankings and made through to the second rounds of both the French Open and Australian open last year.

Bourchier’s victory now means that he could be all set for a clash against another compatriot Nick Kyrgios in the second round, given to his victory in the first round.

When asked about his potential clash with another higher-ranked Australian in the second round, Bourchier came up with a vivacious response. “He has to win his first-round (match) first, so we’ll see how he goes in that one”, he said.

Final word

Bourchier has had a ‘dream come true’ day at Melbourne Park. However, he has a lot to prove in his next match against a tougher and more experienced opponent. Stay tuned as we keep bringing you the latest happenings around the sports world.


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