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4 These Boxers are in the opponents list of Manny Pacquiao’s

4 These Boxers are in the opponents list of Manny Pacquiao

4 These Boxers are in the opponents list of Manny Pacquiao


Freddie Roach revealed his plans for the next Manny Pacquiao fight. As the holder of the WBA Super welterweight champion belt, it’s not strange if Pacquiao is chased by many young boxers to a duel. However, the Filipino boxing icon’s adviser has sorted out the list of potential opponents his fighter will face.

Nevertheless, Roach has not been able to reveal who is the closest opponent that Pacquiao will face. So far the name of Mikey Garcia is a strong candidate to challenge PacMan.

Roach is happy with the discourse of Pacquiao duel versus Garcia. Even so, he in an interview with Fight Hub TV recently informed that the Pacquiao camp was still open to holding a rematch against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

But it was clearly stated by Roach that he and Pacquiao wanted to face the winner of the welterweight duel between Errol Spence and Terrence Crawford.

“Errol Spence had a big fight, and maybe Terrence Crawford and Spence can fight each other and we can fight with the winner,” Roach said quoted from IBtimes, Sunday (09/15/2019).


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Previously, Top Rank CEO, Bob Arum, had discussed that the Spence versus Crawford battle was likely to happen soon. According to him, the fight was very possible if Spence would make it past his opponent who would come Shawn Porter.

Arum also believes that both Spence and Crawford like to meet each other in the boxing ring.

“Yes, I really believe that. I really believe that Spence wants the fight. And Crawford wants the fight,” Arum explained.

The 87-year-old promoter wants to order a fight sooner than later. At this point, Arum expects it to be realized in 2020. “I believe that we can get it in 2020. It was a great battle, great,” Arum added.

On the other hand, Spence also expressed his desire to fight Pacquiao. According to the plan, after Porter, his eyes would be on the Philippine legend.

“I’m looking for Manny Pacquiao after this. I definitely want a Manny Pacquiao fight. He is the Hall of Famer, he’s a legend, he fights the best fighters of my time and in the past.

You certainly don’t know when Manny Pacquiao can retire so I want that , “concluded Spence.


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