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Rio Ferdinand: “Manchester United ‘choked’ and gave up lead position on Premier League table”

Rio Ferdinand playing agaits Man city
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Rio Ferdinand, a key player in the Alex Ferguson era at Manchester United, says, “They have stuttered, they have got the issues with their playing style, and it’s not working quite so well.”

Manchester United was off to a dream start after 19 Premier League games.

But currently find themselves five-points adrift off table leaders Manchester City.

Rio Ferdinand’s comments come a few days after Manchester United demolished Southampton by a nine-goal margin at St Mary’s Stadium on the third of February.

Speaking on his talk show, Rio Ferdinand Presents FIVE,¬† he said, “They can’t defend it. When you look at the league table earlier on in the season, you will get excited. Manchester United had to strike at the opportunity”.

Rio Ferdinand playing against Man city

Rio Ferdinand feels that Manchester United chokes when going in and out

Ferdinand believes that Manchester United, having a game in hand should have maintained their position on the league table.

According to him, the Red Devils have squandered their chances at achieving the Premier League title for the 2021/22 season.

Gifting their rivals another chance at being champions.

Furthermore, he said, “I would think we are out of the title race unless we address our key issue of consistency “.

Rio Ferdinand: “We would need to have a winning fifteen game winning streak to put us back in the title race”

The Manchester United legend feels that a ten or fifteen game winning streak would be required, but thinks it is impossible.

Rio Ferdinand feels four time Premier league champions, Man City, have sensed United’s fear and used it to catapult over them to their current position on the top of the league table.

 Ferdinand thinks that Manchester United are tripping themselves up, allowing others to overtake them on the table.

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