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10 Best Goals from Cristiano Ronaldo’s 700 Goals Collection

10 Best Goals from Cristiano Ronaldo's 700 Goals Collection

10 Best Goals from Cristiano Ronaldo’s 700 Goals Collection


Seeing Cristiano Ronaldo’s score may not be surprising anymore. Imagine, Juventus bomber and Portugal national team has scored 700 goals throughout his career for club and country.

Goal number 700 Ronaldo was created when Portugal defeated 1-2 of Ukraine in the Euro 2020 qualification on Tuesday (10/15/2019) early this morning. Even though it’s been 34 years, Ronaldo doesn’t seem to slow down.

Almost all of Ronaldo’s goals are amazing, but of course, there is something more special. Of the 700 goals, there are at least 10 of the best goals worth seeing over and over again.

These special goals were born when Ronaldo was still defending Manchester United, Real Madrid, and now Juventus. Here are 10 of Ronaldo’s best goals according to Sportskeeda:


Manchester United vs Portsmouth: January 30, 2008

Probably Ronaldo’s best free-kick goal in his career. During Manchester United’s defense, Ronaldo was known as a lethal free-kick executioner.

In this fight, he fired hard at goalkeeper David James from a distance of 23 meters. This goal led MU to the top of the standings.

Ronaldo’s typical knuckleball kicks curling balls into the top right corner of the opponent’s goal. This is one of the defining moments in Ronaldo’s career.


Porto vs Manchester United: 15 April 2009

Extraordinary hard kick from outside the penalty box. Any goalkeeper has a hard time.

Defending MU in the quarter-finals of the Champions League on a trip to Porto, Ronaldo got the ball in midfield. Then he organized the ball and fired hard to secure MU 1-0 victory at Estadio do Dragao.



Almeria vs Real Madrid: 15 April 2010

This year, Ronaldo turned into a deadly goalscorer in the penalty box. However, this goal against Almeria is enough to explain how dangerous Ronaldo is when allowed to bring the ball from the wing.

Rafael van der Vaart got the ball in the area playing Almeria and handed it to Ronaldo. Ronaldo then passed two opposing players by running fast, outwitting the third player, and fired hard with his left foot.


Sevilla vs Real Madrid: December 17, 2011

Sevilla is probably one of the clubs who are most afraid of Ronaldo – 25 times broken. Even so, Ronaldo’s goal in Madrid’s 6-2 victory is probably the best.

Getting Karim Benzema’s bait outside the penalty box, free-standing Ronaldo can take advantage of the time and space he got. Without mercy, Ronaldo fired hard into the upper right corner of the opponent’s goal.

He scored a hat trick in this match, but that one goal was the most special.


Real Madrid vs Valencia: 4 Mei 2014

This goal may not be enough to keep up the hopes of the Madrid champions but it is clear to prove how effective and deadly Ronaldo is in front of the opponent’s goal.

Injury time of the second half, Valencia winning 1-2, Angel Di Maria releasing speculative hull bait into the penalty box. Ronaldo’s position is actually difficult, but he can still release the backheel volley and equalize.



Real Madrid vs Espanyol: 31 January 2016

Although Ronaldo’s game has changed a lot from the start of his career, this goal shows that Ronaldo is still more than capable of making a solo run and scoring goals himself.

El Real was 3-0 up when Ronaldo got James Rodriguez’s pass. The Portugal captain ran alone, outwitting three opposing defenders before scoring with his left foot from inside the penalty box.


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Hungary vs Portugal: June 22, 2016

Portugal had a hard time facing Hungary at Euro 2016, fortunately, there is Ronaldo who equalized through extraordinary football.

The captain rescues his team which is three times behind. Two Ronaldo goals in the second half could change the score to 3-3.

This result is very important, in the end, Portugal won the trophy.


Juventus vs Real Madrid: 3 April 2018

Worth considering as the best goal ever scored by Ronaldo. Come to Turin is not an easy matter, but Ronaldo can handle the pressure well.

Welcoming Dani Carvajal’s bouncy ball, Ronaldo got the moment and space to open an acrobatic somersault shot

Gianluigi Buffon is helpless, Madrid triumphs. This goal might have led Ronaldo to join Juventus the following season because he got applause from the Turin public.


Portugal vs Spain: June 15, 2018

After scoring two goals that put Portugal ahead, the situation reversed when Spain scored three goals. Score 3-2 could close the game.

Getting a free kick in the 88th minute, Ronaldo answered the challenge with perfect execution into the top right corner of David De Gea’s goal.


Juventus vs Manchester United: 8 November 2018

One more Ronaldo special goal, unfortunately, Juventus lost 1-2 to the Red Devils in Turin.

Welcoming the speculative ball kicked by Bonucci, Ronaldo volleyed hard at De Gea.


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